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Shotblasted Concrete Products

ACP has taken a distinct initiative of providing society with trendy and different process of Shot blasted Concrete Products which is far way from the regular and boring patterns and designs of course. Assarain Concrete Products has always been up to the mark in providing the best product with elite and attractive designs and compositions with qualitative calculations. The company always cares for its clients and variations the customers require with the moving time. It is kind of a reprocessing of method used for blasting the concrete surfaces that have high wear power and tear resistivity. The process includes tethering of the surface making use of small beads which are made up of steel and are fired with a great force or speed resulting in the cracking or breaking of the hardest of the surfaces.

However, very high precision, deft machine handling and production knowledge and technique is required to avoid kidney marks etc. Assarain’s Shotblasted products are known for its consistent finish and beautiful profile. This gives an altogether different dimension to the normal concrete products by a total changeover of look, color and ageing.

ACP is the first ever organization to introduce the method of Germany; shotblasting machine which is fully automated and capable of generating large quantities of a variety of concrete products with shot blasted surface, in limited time.

Advantages of Shotblasting
  • Yields highly attractive and luxurious finishes.
  • Decorative concrete often requires certain texture as achieved by shotblasting to get the desired look.
  • Provides a unique way to impregnate a granular look within the concrete product.
  • Enhances aesthetic value and renders a totally different look.
  • Yields textures that enhance the look of the concrete product itself and also makes it anti-skid and safer to walk.