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Interlocking Tiles
The orange and grey tiles when interlocked during installation creates a beautiful pattern on the floor. These tiles are mainly installed on floors with high traffic. These tiles are mainly used outdoors to prevent slipping.
Building Blocks
Split finish blocks and retaining wall blocks are two kinds of buildings blocks construction companies can get from Assarain Concrete Products LLC. Natural material are used in the production of these strong and durable blocks.
Kerbstones and Paving Slabs
Concrete kerb stone is a precast stone widely used on roads and create landscape edge in residential settings. Our company can provide this stone in several shapes and sizes for public places, multiplexes, gardens and other application areas.
Patterned Roof and Exposed Aggregate Tiles

Patterned Roof and Exposed Aggregate Tiles are produced from white and gray cement, pigments and colored aggregate materials. These types of tiles can endure harsh environment which is common in marine field.

The concrete patterned tiles made from concrete is available in a beautiful pattern in black and white. These tiles can be used in several ways, for instance feature flicks, splashbacks,  mix & match, etc.

Shotblasted Concrete Products
Shotblasted Concrete Products are preferred over commonly used construction materials for their long lasting and superior surface finish, distinctively stylish look and accessibility in tailor made specifications. These concrete products possesses excellent anti aging attributes.
Split Face Finish Products
Split Face Finish Products are used in exterior part of buildings and bridges for attaining better surface finish and improved appearance. These products eliminate the necessity of applying plaster or paint on building exterior.
Split Block Flower Wall System
Split Block Flower Wall System serves as the wonderful option to improve decorative aspects of building façade. This wall system is popularly used for commercial building like hotels and also for residential area.