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Patterned Roof And Exposed Aggregate Tiles

Patterned Tiles from ACP are a part of another unique bouquet of tiles with great design choices and colours available in smooth finish and its widely used roof tiles which reflect sunlight and are manufactured both in grey and white cement. ACP’s advanced Italian OCEM Plant is used to manufacture these luxury segment Pattern Tiles and Exposed aggregate Tiles. These super-specialty tiles are made with special raw materials, coloured aggregates and pigments etc. making these tiles available to Clients from normal to high-end segment range. The patterned tiles are widely used for aesthetic requirements, including some of the special tiles being used for even “acu-pressure treatment”. These tiles are also recommended for use in marine-aggressive environments by fixing them on cement- sand mortar. Patterns in many colours and design choices (15 main types developing into 237 different patterns) are many.