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Building Blocks

Building blocks offered and manufactured by the company are one if the strongest and most reliable product when it comes to build qualitative walls that would lead to adequate substrate for the finishing ahead. These have perfect insulation and thermal conductivity and are manufactured,making use of crushed aggregates which are efficient and brought in use by architects in making high tech buildings, structures to suit the interior as well exterior walls. These blocks are made fire resistant and shock absorbents along with being resistant towards many damages against environmental consequences and weathering’s. The blocks are made keeping the compliance in mind which goes well with the Omani standards and can also be customized on special order and if needed if required (viz. OS 1:1998; or BS 6073-Part 2:2008 & BS EN 771-3:2003 standards (if specified). Blocks are considered to be main component of the building structures and holds great significance construction activities. Building blocks have accurate dimension and are made according to the standards promising durability and commendable surface area.